Essay about group presentations

essay about group presentations

that may have contributed is that I had to study an area of London that I'm not familiar with. This shows how working in a group can be beneficial as they helped me see that I shouldn't judge a place on just statistics and that you need to speak to people that live in the area to fully understand the area. Make sure to coordinate so each member of the group speaks for the same amount of time. At first I didn't feel confidence that I would be able to deliver a good piece of work, but by working with others it has shown me that if you all work together on a piece of work it doesn't seem as daunting and. It was quite frustrating to see because if they had turned up to group meetings they would have found that completing the presentation to be quite easy. Data are gathered systematically at all levels-process, shift, individual store, and entire business. Managers regularly review the value of the data collected, and the company employs an outside statistician to evaluate the type of information tracked, how it is used, and how it is collected.

One problem with this was that one member of the group almost always never showed up to the meetings which isn't useful for the group or the individual. In my presentation I used three theories to explain robbery, the three I chose to use were the classicist approach of rational decision, zones of transition theory and also the relative deprivation theory. Available from: p?vref1 Accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. The quick-service restaurant business, the facilities and equipment must be capable, reliable, and sanitary. This problem was not just isolated to me as other members of my group also faced being confronted with too much information and having to deal with outdated statistics. Did this summary help you? They record what they have learned about sales, expenses, customers, staff, products, services, equipment, and suppliers, and they list ideas for improvement. Watch two of Pals commercials. I found the process to be quite bothersome as I was split from the friends I had formed in the seminar group, the group I was put into consisted of four people. This information supports daily operational decisions. It's okay to work individually on the presentation, but do meet periodically to make sure everyone is on track. After I have done this they told me I can then use these statistics and compare it with the previous year, the thinking behind this was that by comparing the robbery rates of this years and the previous year we can show whether or not.

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