Foreshadowing in of mice and men essay

foreshadowing in of mice and men essay

is considered as useless as the mutt, not even having her own name in the novel. For Lennie: -the death of candys dog as a sacrifice foreshadowing that another character will be sacrificed. In jail, Lennie would be terrified and confused. Lennie killing the soft, innocent mice by stroking them too hard -the death of the puppy The scene where the puppies have to be killed or they would starve to death foreshadows the similar decision made by George to kill Lennie rather than have him. Curleys wife then proceeded to scream, which scared Lennie and only caused him to hold on tighter and cover her mouth in an attempt to quiet her, when she began to struggle Lennie shook her, which made her fall silent. There are several examples of foreshadowing in Of Mice and Men.

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Steinbeck made a great book that is filled with connections and usage of techniques like foreshadowing. This safe haven located just outside of the ranch that George and Lennie are supposed to work at, where lennie was to go if anything show more content, the moment Curleys wife waltzed into the barn the scene was set, the person that Lennie had. Many scenes in the book link well to others and when one reads scenes that are similar it makes the book a more interesting read. These people guess with the information they know by using a technique called foreshadowing. That could have been a reason for George shooting Lennie, it partly was, but when Candy said I ought to of shoot that dog myself, George. George never ended up getting paid for his hard work on ranches because of Lennie. The girl screamed and Lennie got so scared he did not let. The murder of the one dog created a domino effect which shattered dreams, took away lives and ended relationships. The most significant example of this technique is the killing of Candys old dog. In Steinbeck s story Of Mice and Men, two shootings take place in the book.

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