Ancient rome statement thesis

ancient rome statement thesis

normalised as it was considered a part of roman culture. For instance, "Funerals in ancient Rome" should be its own article. Haploidavey ( talk ) 19:10, (UTC) About the point on the separation of church and state, I see now how it is in fact more linked to the original paragraph. I would just add that "creation myths" are a complex topic themselves, and there isnt just one kind (cosmological) but this would really be too much detail for this page and I think its better to summarize the majority of sources, rather then infer too.

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In my view religion can exist because the minds funny scholarship essay of people are familiar with a set of traditionally handed down ideas. For instance, if all the scholarly"tions use one era convention, and the article text uses another, this would be potentially confusing for the reader. However I see here some authors til very recently go on along the old 'bad' ways. It is confirmed that it existed and that Romulus created the 30 curiae, the senate. With clear statements from two leading scholars (and the Cambridge Ancient History is as close as we get to a statement of current mainstream thinking) we should make clear the leading hypothesis. I dont think the absence of a "creation of the moon and stars" legend is especially significant in the context of Roman religion, nor unusual for cities that adopted a Hellenized mythology. Johnbod ( talk ) 16:46, (UTC) I'd like to support the comments by Ealdgyth and Johnbod above. I don't see mythography in the sources beyond "Greek mythography in the Roman world" ok so the problem is, none of the sources I've reviewed seen to think Rome's "native" mythography is even worth mentioning. Some lasted several days, others a single day or less: sacred days ( dies fasti ) outnumbered "non-sacred" days ( dies nefasti ). ( talk ) 02:17, (UTC).

The paragraph on di novensides and indigetes derives from the thesis of Georg Wissowa, author of an important German handbook on the subject of ancient Roman religion and cult (19 he himself later abandoned this thesis. As we concern ourselves here with Romans and IEs, Varuna is of course the lexical equivalent of Ouranos and shares many of his features too (nightly sky).

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