Religions are many but god is one essay

religions are many but god is one essay

Synagogue, Los Angeles, but in 1964, when I began attending the University of Kansas, the Bnai Brith chapter there had only 25 Jewish women. Then the father went to the other son and said the same thing. How would it be heard by an elderly parent whom you have just moved into a nursing home against her will? How could one God be so many different things all at once?

Okay, theres another possibility. I ran out of Jewish women to date! The difference is not in God, but in the listeners.

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But think about the different ways this simple, common phrase will be heard by a child, a spouse, a parent, a friend. Still, before walking through the answer, it is worth briefly noting first that the question is actually rather vacuous when used as an objection to Christianity. Because the real meaning of perfect is balance, not the definition of your teachers, they define perfect as having no mistakes. That means all the major world religions are divine in origin, one in essence, equally true, equally important, equally valid, and all part of a single progressive process. It all boils down to this: Is God narrow-minded or broad-minded? Therefore, we must have respect and tolerance for other people's individual process.

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